So the health crisis provoqued by the novel coronavirus has indeed prevented me from my intention to blog on a regular weekly basis as I have already missed writing on two weekends. But then I read Amanda Palmer’s call on Patreon this morning and with then already around 400 comments I sat down to answer the following questions:

  • where you are? city? country?
  • how long you’ve been in lockdown? what are the rules? are they working?
  • how many people/pets/family you’re with….?
  • and, if you have it in you, what everything is feeling like right now.

So far the number of comments under Amanda’s post has already passed thousand and is still growing. May the right words replicate faster than the virus and hopefully contribute to relieve all the pain it has caused so far. As for my contribution, here it is:

Hi Amanda, I live in Leudelange, Luxembourg, in lockdown since March, 13th. People can still leave their home to buy necessary things like food and household articles. They can go out for a walk or exercise if they keep their distance and do not gather in groups. Only essential professionals have to keep doing their jobs as usual, schools are closed and home office is recommended. So far, the measures decided by our government have worked and our country‘s health system is still prepared for dealing with the situation. As a primary school teacher I have switched to online tools to assist my pupils’ homeschooling as good as I could for the last 3 weeks, now we have 2 weeks of vacation at home. I feel more exhausted after these 3 weeks working from distance as I would have been during regular teaching as I mainly struggled with finding a rhythm of well being in front of the alarming news situation. And many efforts and innovational thinking will still be needed from the whole educational community to make the best of this unusual situation in order to continue being able to organise homeschooling even in families who right now have to deal with other priorities. Personally, I live alone since my divorce one year ago and I still miss my dog who sadly passed away 10 months ago. I am allowed to do groceries for my elder parents but I have not visited them in their house since the beginning of the CoViD-19-crisis in Luxembourg for fear that I would risk to make them sick. My mother sewed me a fabric mask she dropped me from their balcony the last time I brought them groceries. Protective wear or disinfectants are out of stock in my local supermarket since the hamster attack. I am now looking forward to my son‘s arrival later this week who alternately lives with his mum and dad.