The first week under lockdown has passed since pandemic Covid-19 has started to show its exponential growth slope in Luxembourg. I have worked from home, mailing the parents of my pupils every week day and putting learning materials for my students online. Although most of them do have the possibility to use a computer connected to the internet, there seem to be issues in dealing with the new situation. On the one hand, a switch that radical from the classical paper based learning materials to only digital tools is certainly hard to manage for people who are not used to them. On the other hand, the bigger change is probably showing up in everyone’s daily life when suddenly families must learn to be together all the time for indefinite time. Although living together gives the individual family members security, it can also lead to tension. However I hope that the severeness of this health crisis contributes to people’s will to surmount it in solidarity. I have great respect for our government’s efforts to handle the state of emergency in Luxembourg and I hope that everybody keeps on staying at home in order to contribute flattening the curve while the logistics cell under the Ministry of Health is doing the utmost to raise the bar.