In my last post I wrote about Fab’s new podcast Morning Call. If you are kinda geek and still have not checked his informative and funny way of serving fresh tech news weekdays I strongly recommend you to watch Morning Call for Friday, 22/02/2019 because while reporting about some Facebook related news Fab let himself go into a hilarious rant about “creepy fishman Zuckerberg” that made my day and still makes me laugh while I am posting this scene on my blog:

First Fab mentioned an article of Harvard Law Today about a conversation between the Facebook CEO and a Harvard professor. He then quoted an article by The Register about that discussion with the perfectly matched title ‘We don’t want a camera in everyone’s living room’ says bloke selling cameras in living rooms. Zuckerberg, you moron. While Fab was talking about these news and although he pointed out that he did not want to go into ad hominem attack the fact that Zuck reminded him of Brent Sniper in the role of Data led to the following hilarious statement:

“Just look at the guy! He sits like a fucking robot, like Brent Spiner […] Brent Spiner used all his acting to make Data look like an android. They could have casted this guy! […] Just look at the haircut! I mean the guy’s a billionaire, can’t he get a proper haircut? Lieutenant Commander Zuck […] Data is a lovable character, he wants to be human. This is the guy who is human and doesn’t want to be human.”

Today then I stumbled over a tweet by Cory Doctorow with an equally univocal illustration about Zuckerberg’s attitude towards data (note the lowercase letter) referencing to another great sci-fi franchise:

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