Feel the emptiness.

I have not been able to write for 8 months. Not technically, of course. Still things have happened which I would have found worth blogging about. However, as 2019 marked the breakup of my 20-year-long marriage I had to sell the common house and move with Madog to an appartment. Unfortunately Madog was not allowed to accompany me longer in this new phase of my life, so that from then on I somehow felt like I was in a void. Getting things settled by mutual agreement should prove to be an extremely lengthy undertaking. Sisyphus suddenly had no more energy to roll the boulder up the hill. Instead, he seemed to make himself comfortable on the flat. Anyways nothing seems to be more futile than dealing with nihilists. After the passing of my friend I began investing more time in my job and reorienting my career. Enjoying less spare time did not help finding a way back into the Dashboard of my blog. The only thing happening there from time to time were updates of the files, writing new posts seemed like a boulder too heavy to be moved even on the flat.

Fill the emptiness.

One year ago I discovered an interesting tech news podcast and I wrote about it in February. When the author finally had to stop his project after several months of streaming, I first was sad about the announcement but who am I to expect people continuing to publish stuff just for their subscribers’ pleasure when they also have to earn their living? In the meantime I have subscribed to other podcasts, so that I still have more to listen to than I find time for them all. Regarding my interests in tech and political news however I am happy to recommend once again. On the tech news side, you can subscribe to the FOXTROT/ALFA Newsletter, whereas RADIO NOWHERE started last December with its own website and Twitter profile. I only have subscribed to its feed recently but during my weekend trip to Stuttgart to see Sabaton‘s The Great Tour gig at the Hanns-Martin-Schleyer-Halle I managed to catch up to the latest episode. So far five episodes have been published and every single one of them is worth listening to for any open-minded person who is not too lazy to think for themselves.

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