Starting with this post I will try to write once a week about topics that I find interesting or things that catched my attention to some degree. As I intend to do this on a regular basis but since I do not yet know if I will be able to stick to the routine of writing a weekly column, I chose the rather cryptic title of wlog_n, where n will take the value of an incremental 2-digit hexadecimal value.

I am glad that Sono Motors has successfully finalised their crowdfunding campaign. As I have participated by making a reservation I am looking forward how the project will evolve. Although I am not yet able to judge whether the vehicle will convince me from a driver’s point of view, I think the concept is promising and sustainable. I also believe that alternative business initiatives can bring a breath of fresh air into the long-established structures of the automotive industry. The fact that I can contribute to this as a supporter myself is another fascinating aspect of the connected world we live in.

In the meantime in Luxembourg, persons in positions of responsibility do not seem to have the slightest idea about data protection concerns. In an interview with radio 100,7 the attorney general complained that with the introduction of 5G technology the fight against crime would probably be definitely lost, because it would no longer be possible to tap telephone conversations. I learned about it on Twitter, else I would not have listened to it as I hardly listen to ether radio anymore.

Talking about broadcasting, I have subscribed to a new podcast which I highly recommend to anybody who accompanies children, be it as a parent, an educator or a teacher. The show is called #nur30min and is a project by the blogger Patricia Cammarata and Podcaster Marcus Richter. The episodes are broadcast in German and deal with the topic “children and digital media”.

The weekend was very foggy, nevertheless I went for a walk again on sunday, during which I took the featured photo. I also spent hours in front of the TV, as the first major endurance race for this year was held in Daytona. Especially the race in the GT Le Mans class was exciting until the end with the number 24 winning the race for BMW in front of the Porsche numbers 912 and 911.