the new religion

The assumption that the scientific method, the scientific process results in like unmovable facts, that’s the problem. — Fabian A. Scherschel

Throughout the world many governments have taken drastic freedom restricting measures to fight the pandemic justifying their decisions by referring to science. As most of the members of cabinet are not scientists themselves they rely on so called experts who have one or more degrees in one or more scientific domains. On one hand this approach should be welcomed as it offers the possibility for the governed people to understand why the measures could be useful or even necessary. In order to reach as many citizens as possible, nearly all of the mainstream media voluntarily serve as platform for the governments and their experts to send out their messages, always b(i)ased on The Science™.

On the other hand, science does not work as a tool for delivering The Truth™, it can ever only be seen as the sum of the results found by scientists while trying to approach the truth, hopefully by adhering to the scientific method in doing so. Truth junkies should rather turn to epistemology before they declare some scientific results provided by natural scientists as The Truth™.

The omnipresent narrative that only universal obedience to The Science™ can end the pandemic reminds me of the concept of salvation which is central to religious doctrines. Further, history has taught us many times that the principle “You are either with us, or against us” has lead to irreconcilability and suffering. Let’s hope that we’ll not go down that road.

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