easter late

When we had to sell the house 3 years ago due to divorce, I rented a flat in the only municipality in the south in which some local politicians had initiated a referendum to let the citizens decide whether the municipality would not be better off in the center. No longer a real estate owner I now was part again of a minority in a small country which is so proud of itself that it created a national campaign to promote a so called nation branding. In the ‘Quality of life’ fact sheet on page 10 of this publication in 2019 apparently 69 % of households were home owners.

On the featured image you are looking at one of the homes located in the village where I live. However this home is still unhabitated and it has been in this state since I came living here. Nobody seems to care about it, although the grids which are probably supposed to protect the property against homeless people who hardly can afford to leave their home turf in the city and go looking for squattable places elsewhere block part of the sidewalk. The only good thing about it seems to be that it gave me inspiration to take a photograph.

Luxembourg, #LëtzMake(Sh)ItHappen!