While some of my colleagues have probably spent the last week on holiday, be it to practice ski, to visit foreign cities or countries, I stayed at home. In order to not feel too frustrated at the end of the week when I surely would have had to realise I would not have finished all the things I would have planned during my free time, I started by not setting too many goals in the first place.

I guess the more your professional commitment demands on you, the more important it is to find time for yourself to compensate. As I am forced by my profession as a teacher to organise my holidays within the school holidays, I will probably not have the opportunity to travel to warmer climes in the winter months until I reach retirement age. I have not yet travelled often by plane and although I am quite independent at the moment without a dog, I now even more refrain from travelling by plane for reasons of climate protection. However because for a longer car journey one week is too short for me, I plan to travel again at the earliest in April during the easter holidays.

So the last week I benefited from my leisure time to visit my parents and have dinner with them. In addition, I enjoyed spending more time with my son. In my apartment I have finally replaced the hanging lamp on which I repeatedly hit my head with a ceiling lamp. Yesterday I attended the general assembly of the Chaos Computer Club Lëtzebuerg as a member. It was very nice to meet again several people at the ChaosStuff. I hope that I will be able to go to the Meetings as well as to the Meetups more often in the near future, since I have not been around much the last two years.

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