My interest in simracing started about 4 years ago when I bought a Sony PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo 6 Bundle. Beginning my gaming experience with the PS3 wireless controller, soon I felt the urge to switch to a steering wheel and pedals instead, so I ordered a Fanatec wheel together with compatible pedals and a proper stand for both of them. As long as I used to play GT6 on the PS3 I put my gaming gear in front of the couch and I had lots of fun while feeling a bit like a (living room) racing driver.

Unfortunately the Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 wheel I used on the PS3 is not compatible with the PS4 Pro I bought last year so I was content with the Sony Wireless Dualshock controller that came with the PS4. Last month Fanatec finally introduced an officially licensed for PS4 Starter Kit so I was tempted to enhance my simracing experience by ordering both the Fanatec Starter Kit and a compatible Game Seat. I chose the Game Seat RR 3033 from RaceRoom and now I have a basic racing simulator in my living room.

Compared to the Porsche 911 GT3 RS V2 wheel the CSL Elite Racing Wheel feels more durable as it has aluminium spokes and perforated leather grips and the shifter paddles provide a stronger click. I like the PS4 labeled button caps which can be changed to included racing style button caps. The CSL Elite also has its tuning display in the rim in top central position with additional rev lights on the base whereas the GT3 RS V2 only offers the 3 digit tuning display on the hub, its base being tinyer although beautifully designed in orange with proper GT3 RS letterings on the sides. As I have not played on the PS3 for a long time I do not remember well the GT3 RS V2’s force feedback, but I guess the CSL Elite base’s servo motor is more powerful as I was immediately impressed by the precise and strong force feedback it offers. For the moment I prefer playing F1 2017 so I have recorded a demo lap driving the Red Bull RB13 at my favourite circuit Spa-Francorchamps. In order to get used to the game and to progress more easily in career mode I still prefer automatic shifting mode, so I did not use the manual shifters on this lap.

The red delta-times in the clip indicate that this lap was not the fastest I managed to achieve during the session. The reference time to measure the delta-times was a lap in the 1’48” which I saved afterwards as a replay shared on YouTube.