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We got to go back to using the network, not the platforms.

Publishing on the Internet has always had an appeal for me. 22 years ago I started using HTML editors to create my first web pages in the context of my work and for the owner of the stable where my wife had her riding horse. I then experimented with SPIP to create a school wiki, I used phpBB to run a school forum and I created interactive webpages for my students with Half-Baked Software.  A couple of years later our schools started to use a CMS for which I was given administration rights. As at that time I was also involved in a network of fellow teachers that had formed in the run-up to the school reform, I got to know the open source software WordPress, which our network used for online exchange. So, at the beginning of 2006 I published my first WordPress blog with mainly dog related content on the domain The files are still in my webspace, but unfortunately the blog is broken so I will not link to it at this time. Half a year later, in the summer holidays of 2006 I published a new blog which has now been online for 17 years on the domain All in all I created about 275 posts during those years, most of them in the first two and a half years. Then I stopped posting for about two years, just to resume blogging for a couple of months before I stopped completely for several years. During those years my activity was mostly concentrated on social media platforms and cross-posting first to the blogging platform Posterous (which Twitter killed soon after it had acquired it), then to Posthaven. From 2018 I finally managed to publish more or less posts every year since then, renaming my blog from its domain-titled name to the new title Soliloquy.

As on the one side the platforms got bigger and Freedom of Speech put more and more under threat from the Censorship Industrial Complex, and on the other side the user experience on social media sucks more and more due to ads, algorithms and AI-BS, I am guessing that the only logical move for those who still cherish publishing on the Internet is taking back the web by using it just at it was meant to be used back in the days. Thus I have now migrated my blog to a new webspace and the matching domain and ditched all posts that I do not find valuable any more for publishing. However, although this blog is called Soliloquy, that does not mean that all post must remain soliloquies, because on new posts comments are now open for 2 weeks. So, feedback is a possibility but not a necessity as the main goal I am pursuing with this project is publishing my thoughts about topics I am interested in. Readers who want to follow me on social media or contact me directly can use the featured links to platforms I am using most of the time or visit the links section in the navigation menu where they will not only find an exhaustive list of my other social networking profile pages and blogs, but also several podcasts and publications I recommend. Stay free!