Panthera pardus

Leopard on the treeI should have let it sleep till it is tamed. Now I have an idea of what it feels like giving up. Although I finally managed to install it on Black Beauty, there have been rather more hiccups than smooth and svelte movements. The source of yesterday’s problems has tellingly been identified by Thierry. I forgot did not know I had to uninstall Unsanity’s Application Enhancer I used to run Ninjakitten’s Menufela on Mac OS Tiger. Following this support topic pointed out to me by Thierry, the second try finally let me start Leopard on the MacBook. 5 Updates were already in the pipeline which I installed immediately. Then I logged in with my own profile (I prefer having a separate admin-account for upgrades and maintenance, although my own profile has admin-rights too) and an obscure system app named “PubSubAgent” prompted me to authorize access to my keychains. After searching Apples discussion forums about it I gave in as it seemed that reading RSS-feeds with new Safari and Mail caused this intervention. Then there were problems establishing my Airport connection although this had worked during the first setup steps. Finally shutting down Airport base station did resolve the problem so that right now everything seems OK to me. Let’s hope it still does tomorrow. But this experience has taught me to wait for some updates before I let loose Leopard on my other Macs.


  • Georges

    Jo, zĂ«nter dĂ«sem Post gĂ«schter Owend funktionĂ©iert de Mac wonnerbar an ech entdecken sou lues, wat et mat deenen 300 neie Features op sech huet, sou dass ech mech mĂ«ttlerweil rĂ«m berouegt hunn. 😉