What can be more pleasant than listening to a podcast and learning new things through meaningful thoughts or conversation? Akira The Don has found the answer to that question by combining excerpts of speech from eminent thinkers like Terence McKenna, Jordan B. Peterson, David Foster Wallace or Alan Watts, to name but a few, with matching musical rhythms.

As I rarely listen to DJ sets and even more rarely am used to attend parties since couple of years decades I do not feel like a connoisseur of house music. However since listening to Jordan B. Peterson’s conversation with Akira The Don (where you can hear an excerpt of 42 rules for life) the soundtrack of my Easter weekend has been shaped by the Meaningwave Universe and before midnight Akira The Don will have skyrocketed straight into the top 60 of my most played artists on

If, like me, you are interested in the way of working of musicians and the sources of their creativity, I recommend to listen to S2 E4: A Conversation with Akira The Don.

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