Episode VIII

Last weekend I missed writing to my blog. Actually I had not planned to publish a blog post on a regular basis every weekend when I resumed writing at the beginning of January this year. As I wanted to write about the podcasts I like listening to I managed to keep posting continuously on a weekly basis about several podcasting topics before later starting to write about other topics, too. By then, weekly blogging had become a cherished habit and so at the end of March there were already 12 posts in my Archive for 2019.

The reason I did not write on last Sunday was because I just did not have time since I had to organize my move. Unfortunately, relocating being one of the most hated tasks for me, I had a pretty stressful week with far below average sleep time, back pain and broken eating habits. Since I am rarely used to manual work as a result of my job, I was even forced to buy hand cream when I noticed how rough and partially brittle my hands had become, so even Touch-ID constantly refused to unlock my mobile devices.

After this move (which incidentally was my eight) I find it unbelievable and also shameful what a sheer amount of objects can be hoarded in our affluent society over the course of a few decades. Marie Kondo would probably have gone nuts, had she tried to help me clear my things. As the deadline was approaching when the moving company would arrive, I finally filled box after box without first checking if I should not better give or throw away things. I guess I could definitely stay offline for a few years in my new home and spend all my free time reading books, listening to music on CDs and LPs, watching movies on DVDs and Blu-ray discs, playing video games (at least if I would be willing to renounce to online content) and building the Millenium Falcon.

That is why I have decided to clear out my things while accommodating the new flat in order to make the transition to an eventual episode IX more smooth. Hopefully this will enable me to adopt a more minimalist lifestyle.

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