Helen and Olly

Just before last Christmas 2 British podcasters have travelled to Luxembourg only to top the local iTunes charts. Here’s their first Video about this remarkable event, check out if they succeded:

Quote of the vid:

My suspicion is: they think we’re Jesus readers.

[Olly commenting the initial lack of success in giving away homemade gingerbread men wrapped in a letter with instructions about the podcast.]



  • Thierry

    I like the idea, though I don’t find them particularly funny (then again, I’ve just watched Marcus Brigstocke making fun of the Tom Cruise Scientology video on BBC4, that’s pretty hard to top). It’s interesting however that they actually managed to get into the charts. Hell, I might make some cookies for next year’s Christmas market myself. 😀

  • Max

    Yes, cool idea. I must say however, like Thierry, I don’t like their humour. Besides, the guy that gets interviewed on the Place d’Armes was in school with me.

  • Georges

    Great Idea! But I bet if you’d sell give away some bowls of steaming ‘Bouneschlupp’ instead of cookies you would not pass unnoticed let alone be mistaken for a Jesus reader. 😉

  • Thierry

    Ka sinn dass en iergendwou bei YouTube ass, alleréngs mécht en de Video déi ganz Sendung iwwer emmer erem erof, do misst also schon een sech ameséiert hunn zesummenzeschnipseln. An der BBC Mediathéik gett et en, mee do kenns de nemmen mat britescher IP drun. Falls de ee britesche Proxy fenns dee séier genuch ass kanns de bei bbc.co.uk/iplayer no “The Late Show” sichen. 🙂