log out

At the beginning of last year I deactivated my Facebook account. The information that I got flushed in my timeline just sucked most of the time. I had already quit commenting on a regular basis but daily kept flicking through the posts inside the filter bubble the algorithm had progressively built like an invisible shield around my account. The only solution to get rid of this unhealthy habit and stay away from the Social Network was shutting down my profile as a simple login would have reactivated it. From that moment I considered it a challenge to let my Facebook account rest for an unlimited time.

However six months later at the beginning of the summer holiday I reactivated my account by logging in again. My usage of Facebook although had changed. I had deleted all Facebook apps from my mobile devices and logged out of the account in my computers’ OS. When I had taken the decision to log in again I would only do so by accessing Facebook in a web browser. This was quite a cumbersome way to visit Facebook or Messenger in situations when my iPhone was the only device in reach, but this choice also contributed to limit the time I was willing to spend with this social network. I was satisfied that I did not feel the need anymore to scroll through my timeline every now and then, nor to participate in any discussion that had broken off a commented post. Since then most of the time I have only been crossposting Instagram pictures and web links I use to share on Twitter to my Facebook profile, then and now I have also updated my status when checking in somewhere. Hardly have I sent messages with Facebook Messenger as most of my contacts use WhatsApp (which of course is a bit like Messenger in green).

While you could pass your entire day reading articles about Facebook that probably would question yourself about your social networking activity, I have finally arrived at the point where I move my posting activity back to where I started, namely on my own webspace. As the privacy settings of my Facebook posts last year were already mainly public my future posts shall be public, i.e. freely accessible now that the Orb of Osuvox has finally been dropped, deactivating the impenetrable shield. For any other content that I would like to share only with select users I prefer specific platforms like Flickr, Vimeo, iCloud or Tresorit, to name but a few, which make my Facebook activity redundant. For the new start, I have decided to change the name of my blog. The URL stays the same, but the title changes from the invented word creation bloGeescht to the term Soliloquy. Guess that most of my FB contacts will not even notice this move, but that makes the name change all the more meaningful.