Heading down the motorway to the place where rhythm and vibes emerge from the bowels of a red monolith, you think about the urge to fill the empty spaces in heart and mind with music and lyrics. You seem to be stuck in a communication cul-de-sac too narrow to turn around and without reverse gear on your vehicle. The only way out would be up to the meta level from where the outlook is different. Driving into the parking lot in the country of the red soil you ponder on one of your muse’s favourite tunes. How long could you still stand the uncertainty before Cupid would reveal the naked truth? Fading everything to black and blue, the most important thing is to move on. Inside the monolith, dark matter hanging above your head makes you think of black holes that might be raving through the tunnel under your feet. The spacy atmosphere round here helps you to forget about the ghosts of past and present, focussing only on the moment. As the band throws electric pills at your ears, you slowly start to feel anesthetized. The music relieves pain, still the silence is waiting outside the hall.