• Helen and Olly

    Just before last Christmas 2 British podcasters have travelled to Luxembourg only to top the local iTunes charts. Here’s their first Video about this remarkable event, check out if they succeded: Quote of the vid: My suspicion is: they think we’re Jesus readers. [Olly commenting the initial lack of success in giving away homemade gingerbread men wrapped in a letter with instructions about the podcast.] (via)

  • Autopia

    As my swedish cruiser needed its next service at 80.000 km on the odometer, ten days ago I decided to arrange a time and date by using the mailform at the website of the best-known and biggest Volvo dealer in Luxembourg. The first time I’ve heard of this possibility to schedule a service at their garage was sometime back in 2006 on a bill. At that time I thought that it would be easier to…